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Dorothy Gish

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Dorothy Gish

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1. When was she born?

2. Where was she born?

3. What was her birth name?

4. What actress was her childhood friend?

5. She made her film debut in what D.W. Griffith movie?

6. In 1912, she acted for how many different studios?

7. In 1912, she teamed with sister Lillian and Donald Crisp in what film directed by D.W. Griffith?

8. In 1914, she signed with what studio?

9. She had a breakthrough role in what 1918 film?

10. In 1920, she starred in and co-wrote (with sister Lillian) what film, directed by Lillian Gish?

11. In 1922, she made her last film with D.W. Griffith. What's the film's title?

12. In what 1923 film was she directed by Henry King?

13. Romola was filmed on location in what country?

14. She made a name for herself as a saucy comedienne under the guidance of what British producer-director?

15. What was her first talkie?

16. Beginning in 1939, she did road tours of what Lindsay and Crouse play?

17. In 1944, she returned to films after 14 years onstage in what movie?

18. In 1946, she enjoyed a stage success opposite Louis Calhern in what play?

19. In what 1946 film was she directed by Otto Preminger?

20. She played the widow of a mill owner in what 1951 film?

21. She appeared on NBC's Lux Video Theatre on November 24, 1955 in what production?

22. What was her final film?

23. Please name her husband.

24. How many children did she have?

25. When did she pass away?

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Dorothy Gish

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Dorothy Gish

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