Meredy's Ginger Rogers Trivia Answers

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So you've decided to cheat and take a look at the answers?

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1. July 16, 1911

2. Independence, Missouri

3. Virginia Katherine McMath

4. Campus Sweethearts

5. Jack Pepper

6. Girl Crazy

7. Anytime Annie

8. Gold Diggers of 1933

9. Pig Latin

10. The Carioca

11. The Gay Divorcee

12. Stage Door

13. Kitty Foyle

14. Brunette

15. Roxie Hart

16. The Major and the Minor

17. Lady in the Dark

18. The Barkleys of Broadway

19. Lew Ayres

20. Jacques Bergerac

21. The mother of Jean Harlow

22. Hello, Dolly

23. Mame

24. Ginger: My Story

25. April 25, 1995 in Rancho Mirage, California (heart attack)

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