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Ginger Rogers

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Ginger Rogers

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1. When was she born?

2. Where was she born?

3. What was her real name?

4. She made her Hollywood debut in what film?

5. What was her first husband's name?

6. She had the second female lead in what Gershwin stage hit?

7. Who did she play in 42nd Street?

8. She introduced the song We're in the Money in what movie?

9. She sang one chorus of We're in the Money in what language?

10. She danced with Fred Astaire to what song in the movie Flying Down to Rio?

11. What Astaire/Rogers movie featured the song Night and Day?

12. She played opposite Katharine Hepburn in what 1937 film?

13. She won an Academy Award for her role in what movie?

14. In the answer to Question 13, was she blonde or brunette?

15. She played a wisecracking publicity hound in what 1942 film?

16. In what film did she disguise herself as a 12 year old?

17. What was her first real flop?

18. She reteamed with Astaire for what 1949 musical?

19. Who was her husband from 1934-1941?

20. Who was her husband from 1953-1957?

21. Who did she portray in the 1965 film Harlow?

22. She took over the leading role in what 1965 Broadway production?

23. She played the title character in the 1969 London production of what musical?

24. What was the title of her 1991 autobiography?

25. When did she pass away?

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Ginger Rogers

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Ginger Rogers

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