Meredy's Fredric March Trivia Answers

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1. August 31, 1897

2. Racine, Wisconsin

3. Frederick Ernest McIntyre Bickel

4. The Royal Family of Broadway

5. Florence Eldridge

6. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

7. The Grim Reaper

8. Robert Browning

9. Greta Garbo

10. Norman Maine

11. Janet Gaynor

12. Nothing Sacred

13. Jean Lafitte

14. The Best Years of Our Lives

15. Al Stephenson

16. Death of a Salesman

17. Stanley Kramer

18. Two

19. Elia Kazan

20. Humphrey Bogart

21. Sloane Wilson

22. William Jennings Bryant

23. Spencer Tracy

24. The Iceman Cometh

25. April 14, 1975

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