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Alice Faye

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Alice Faye

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1. When was she born?

2. Where was she born?

3. What was her full name?

4. How old was she when she secured her first chorus girl job?

5. While appearing in the 1933-1934 edition of George White's Scandals, she became the protégé of what singing star?

6. She was cast in the 1934 Fox Studios film version of George White's Scandals, and was elevated to the leading role when what actress walked off the set?

7. Vallee's wife sued her for what?

8. Fox lightened her already blonde hair and attempted to groom her as what?

9. Who was her first husband?

10. Who was her second husband?

11. Did she have any children?

12. Though a favorite with fans and coworkers alike, she regularly put her film career in jeopardy by clashing with what 20th Century-Fox head man?

13. Who were her male co-stars in In Old Chicago?

14. How did Darryl F. Zanuck try to "punish" her?

15. Did Faye and Grable get along?

16. Faye and Grable were teamed in what 1940 film?

17. Who was her co-star in Weekend in Havana?

18. What composer said that he'd rather have his songs introduced by Faye than any other screen thrush?

19. What pop standard did she introduce in Hello, Frisco, Hello?

20. Feeling she had given one of the best dramatic performances of her career, Faye was so upset by Darryl Zanuck's editing hack job on what 1945 film, that she literally walked away from the studio and didn't return for 16 years?

21. She starred with her husband on what two NBC Radio shows?

22. How many Hit Parade songs did she introduce in her movies?

23. What character did she portray in the 1962 version of State Fair?

24. What was her last film?

25. When did she pass away?

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Alice Faye

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Alice Faye

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