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Marlene Dietrich

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Marlene Dietrich

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1. When was she born?

2. Where was she born?

3. What was her birth name?

4. In 1929, Dietrich landed the breakthrough role of Lola-Lola, a cabaret singer who causes the downfall of a hitherto respected schoolmaster, in what UFA production?

5. Who took credit for having "discovered" Dietrich?

6. The Blue Angel is also noteworthy for having introduced Dietrich's signature song. What was her signature song?

7. Dietrich then moved to the U.S. on contract to what studio?

8. What was the first American collaboration between Dietrich and Josef von Sternberg?

9. The answer to Question 8 is best remembered for the sequence in which she does what?

10. Who was her co-star in Dishonored?

11. Dietrich and Cary Grant starred in what 1932 Pre-Code drama film?

12. Josef von Sternberg used what kind of lighting to enhance Dietrich's features in Shanghai Express?

13. She played a devious jewel thief in what 1936 romantic comedy?

14. She starred in what 1936 film which was photographed in three-strip Technicolor?

15. In 1939, she accepted producer Joe Pasternak's offer (and a pay cut) to play against type in what film?

16. What songs did she perform in the answer to Question 15?

17. What two honors was she awarded for her work during World War II?

18. Who designed her famous and daringly sheer "nude dress?"

19. She portrayed Charlotte Inwood in what Hitchcock film?

20. She demanded that Max Factor sprinkle what into her wigs to add glitter to her tresses during filming?

21. Dietrich's show business career largely ended on September 29, 1975, when she fell off the stage and broke what body part during a performance in Sydney, Australia?

22. Dietrich would often include masculine clothes in her wardrobe, giving herself what kind of quality?

23. Please name her husband.

24. How many children did she have?

25. When did she pass away?

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Marlene Dietrich

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Marlene Dietrich

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