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1. For what motion picture did Bette Davis win her second Academy Award for Best Actress?

2. How many times did Davis win the Oscar?

3. What was her real name?

4. Where was she born?

5. What comment did Universal president Carl Laemmle make about her?

6. Who played opposite Davis in Dangerous?

7. What did she say in Cabin in the Cotton?

8. In Jezebel, what did Davis wear to the Olympus Ball?

9. In what movie did she play Judith Traherne?

10. Who was her co-star in The Letter?

11. Who played Mr. Skeffington?

12. What famous cigarette smoking scene is found in Now, Voyager?

13. All About Eve features what great line?

14. Who was her co-star in The Great Lie?

15. In what movie did Davis have an illegitimate child that was raised by her sister?

16. What organization did she help found during World War II?

17. In what movie did Davis play a governess?

18. Who was her co-star in Beyond the Forest?

19. What was her character's name in Now, Voyager?

20. How many times was Davis nominated, but did not win the Best Actress Oscar?

21. In what movie did she play a demented former child star?

22. What two tasty treats did Baby Jane serve her disabled sister?

23. In what 1964 movie did Davis play twins?

24. How many times was she married?

25. In 1977, she was the first female recipient of what award?

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Bette Davis collage by Neil Smith

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Bette Davis collage by Neil Smith

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