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1. October 16, 1923

2. Dallas, Texas

3. Monetta Eloyse Darnell

4. Tweedles

5. Twentieth Century-Fox

6. Hotel for Women

7. Loretta Young

8. She made four films with him.

9. Lolita Quintero

10. The Virgin Mary

11. Summer Storm

12. She was strangled and then burned by insane composer Laird Cregar.

13. Peggy Cummins

14. Tuptim

15. A Letter to Three Wives

16. No Way Out

17. Black Spurs

18. Star Dust

19. Yes, at 1631 Vine St.

20. J. Peverell Marley

21. Phillip Liebmann

22. Merle Roy Robertson

23. Yes, she had an adopted daughter, Charlotte Mildred "Lola" Marley, who now owns The Smoking Lamp tobacco shop in Charleston, South Carolina.

24. April 10, 1965 in Chicago, Illinois (house fire)

25. Her ashes are interred at the Union Hill Cemetery, Chester County, Pennsylvania, in the family plot of her daughter's husband.

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