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Dorothy Dandridge

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Dorothy Dandridge

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1. When was she born?

2. Where was she born?

3. What was her birth name?

4. What was her multiracial heritage?

5. Ruby Dandridge soon created an act for her two young daughters, Vivian and Dorothy, under what name?

6. In 1937, the "Wonder Children" were renamed the "Dandridge Sisters" and were booked into what two famous Harlem venues?

7. Dandridge's first screen appearance was a bit part in what Our Gang comedy?

8. In April of 1951, Dottie made the acquaintance of what man who was to become her manager and life-long friend?

9. In 1951, Dandridge was cast as Melmendi, Queen of the Ashuba, in what film?

10. She would next appear as Ann Carpenter in what movie?

11. In May of 1951, she opened in Hollywood's top club, the Mocambo, with whose orchestra?

12. In 1951, she became the first African American to perform where?

13. In December 1952, a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studio agent noticed Dandridge performing at the Mocambo, and cast her in her first starring role in what film?

14. In 1954, Dandridge signed a three movie deal with what studio?

15. Otto Preminger cast Dandridge along with Harry Belafonte in what all-black production?

16. She was the first African American to be nominated for what award?

17. In 1954, she made history by being featured on the covers of what two magazines?

18. She portrayed Margot Seaton in what 1957 film?

19. In 1959, Columbia Pictures cast Dandridge in the lead role in what musical film?

20. In the 1960s, alone and without any acting roles or singing engagements on the horizon, Dandridge suffered what?

21. She was dubbed what by rival performer Lena Horne?

22. What was her quote about being born white?

23. Please name her two husbands.

24. How many children did she have?

25. When did she pass away?

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Dorothy Dandridge

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Dorothy Dandridge

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