Meredy's Joseph Cotten Trivia Answers

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1. May 15, 1905

2. Petersburg, Virginia

3. Joseph Cheshire Cotten

4. Theater critic

5. Orson Welles

6. The Mercury Players

7. Lenore Kipp

8. Patricia Medina

9. Citizen Kane

10. Merle Oberon

11. The Magnificent Ambersons

12. Journey Into Fear

13. Shadow of a Doubt

14. Teresa Wright

15. Hers to Hold

16. Ingrid Bergman and Charles Boyer

17. Since You Went Away

18. Love Letters, Duel in the Sun and Portrait of Jennie

19. Gregory Peck

20. Congressman

21. Beyond the Forest

22. Niagara

23. Olivia de Havilland

24. Vanity Will Get You Somewhere

25. February 6, 1994

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