The Sublime Claude Rains

Paul Henreid, Ingrid Bergman & Claude Rains in Casablanca

Paul Henreid, Ingrid Bergman & Claude Rains in Casablanca


1965 The Greatest Story Ever Told King Herod
1963 Twilight of Honor Art Harner
1962 Lawrence of Arabia Mr. Dryden
1961 Battle of the Worlds Prof. Benjamin Benson
1960 Lost World, The Professor George Edward Challenger
1959 This Earth Is Mine Philippe Rambeau
1957 Pied Piper of Hamelin, The Mayor of Hamelin
1956 Lisbon Aristides Mavros
1953 Man Who Watched the Trains Go By, The Kees Popinga
1951 Sealed Cargo Captain Skalder
1950 Where Danger Lives Frederick Lannington
1950 White Tower, The Paul DeLambre
1949 Song of Surrender Elisha Hunt
1949 Rope of Sand Arthur Martingale
1949 Passionate Friends, The Howard Justin
1947 Robin Hood Prince John
1947 Unsuspected, The Victor Grandison
1946 Deception Alexander Hollenius
1946 Angel on My Shoulder The Devil
1946 Caesar and Cleopatra Julius Caesar
1946 Notorious Alexander Sebastian
1945 Strange Holiday John Stephenson
1945 This Love of Ours Joseph Targel
1944 Mr. Skeffington Job Skeffington
1944 Passage to Marseille Captain Freycinet
1943 Forever and a Day Ambrose Pomfret
1943 Phantom of the Opera Enrique Claudin
1943 Casablanca Captain Louis Renault
1942 Now, Voyager Dr. Jacquith
1942 Kings Row Dr. Alexander Tower
1942 Moontide Nutsy
1941 Wolf Man, The Sir John Talbot
1941 Four Mothers Adam Lemp
1941 Here Comes Mr. Jordan Mr. Jordan
1940 Saturday's Children Mr. Halevy
1940 Lady with Red Hair, The David Belasco
1940 Sea Hawk, The Don Jose Alvarez de Cordoba
1939 Four Wives Adam Lemp
1939 Mr. Smith Goes to Washington Senator Joseph Payne
1939 Daughters Courageous Jim Masters
1939 Juarez Napoleon III
1939 They Made Me a Criminal Detective Monty Phelan
1939 Sons of Liberty Haym Salomon
1938 Four Daughters Adam Lemp
1938 Adventures of Robin Hood, The Prince John
1938 Gold Is Where You Find It Colonel Ferris
1938 White Banners Paul Ward
1937 Prince and the Pauper, The Earl of Hertford
1937 They Won't Forget D.A. Andy Griffin
1936 Hearts Divided Napoleon Bonaparte
1936 Anthony Adverse Don Luis
1936 Stolen Holiday Stefan Orloff
1935 Mystery of Edwin Drood, The John Jasper
1935 Last Outpost, The John Stevenson
1934 Man Who Reclaimed His Head, The Paul Verin
1934 Clairvoyant, The Maximus
1934 Crime Without Passion Lee Gentry
1933 Invisible Man, The Dr. Jack Griffin

Notable TV Appearances

"Dr. Kildare" in episode: "Why Won't Anybody Listen?" 1964

"Wagon Train" playing "Judge Daniel Clay" in episode: "Daniel Clay Story, The" (episode # 5.21) 2/21/1962

"Alfred Hitchcock Presents" playing "Leonard Eldridge" in episode: "Door Without a Key, The" (episode # 7.15) 1/16/1962

"Rawhide" in episode: "Incident of Judgment Day" 1962

"Alfred Hitchcock Presents" playing "Father Amian" in episode: "Horseplayer, The" (episode # 6.22) 3/14/1961

"Naked City" in episode: "To Walk In Silence" (episode # 2.5) 11/9/1960

"Alfred Hitchcock Presents" playing "Andrew Thurgood" in episode: "Diamond Necklace, The" (episode # 4.20) 2/22/1959

"Alfred Hitchcock Presents" playing "Charles Gresham" in episode: "Cream of the Jest, The" (episode # 2.24) 3/10/1957

"Alcoa Hour, The" in episode: "President" (episode # 1.15) 5/13/1956

"Alfred Hitchcock Presents" playing "Fabian" in episode: "And So Died Riabouchinska" (episode # 1.20) 2/12/1956

"Kaiser Aluminum Hour, The" (1956)

"Medallion Theatre" in episode: "Man Who Liked Dickens, The" 8/1/1953

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