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Cary Grant - North by Northwest

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1. When was he born?

2. What was his real name?

3. In what country was he born?

4. In what 1933 film did Mae West ask him to "come up some time an' see me?"

5. Who was his co-star in 1937's Topper?

6. What type of comedy was his specialty?

7. In Bringing Up Baby, his co-star was what famous actress?

8. He was paired with what actress in The Awful Truth?

9. Who was his co-star in His Girl Friday?

10. He received an Oscar nomination for what 1941 tearjerker?

11. What was his first film with director Alfred Hitchcock?

12. In what 1944 film did he portray a Cockney drifter?

13. In the answer to Question 12, who played his mother?

14. He starred in what 1946 Hitchcock film?

15. Who were his female co-stars in The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer?

16. In what 1949 film was he dressed in drag?

17. What was his character's name in People Will Talk?

18. He starred with Deborah Kerr in what 1957 tearjerker?

19. The theme song from the answer to Question 18 was a hit for what singer?

20. Who was his co-star in Houseboat?

21. What film features him in a famous sequence on Mount Rushmore?

22. Who was his co-star in 1963's Charade?

23. He was bearded and scruffy in what 1964 film?

24. What cosmetics company was he associated with?

25. When did he pass away?

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Sam Jaffe and Cary Grant in Gunga Din

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Cary Grant

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