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Burt Lancaster

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Burt Lancaster

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1. When was he born?

2. Where was he born?

3. Did he ever perform in a circus?

4. Who was his agent during the early part of his career?

5. He made his movie debut in what film?

6. What was his character called in the answer to Question 5?

7. Who portrayed the brutal captain in Brute Force?

8. What was the first film he made with pal Kirk Douglas?

9. Who played his father in All My Sons?

10. Who was his co-star in Sorry, Wrong Number?

11. He starred with Joan Fontaine in what movie?

12. Tony Curtis made his screen debut in what Lancaster flick?

13. Maltin: "Sturdy cast in adventure tale of smooth thief trying to regain treasure." Title, please.

14. What swashbuckler did he make in 1950?

15. Who played his mute sidekick in the answer to Question 14?

16. Who directed him in The Crimson Pirate?

17. What was Sheba in Come Back, Little Sheba?

18. He made love on the beach with Deborah Kerr in what film?

19. What was his character's name in Sweet Smell of Success?

20. He won a Best Actor Oscar for his role in what 1960 movie?

21. He was Oscar-nominated for his role in what 1962 film?

22. He portrayed a small-time hood in what 1980 movie?

23. He suffered a heart attack during the production of what 1980 film?

24. What part did he play in Field of Dreams?

25. When did he pass away?

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Burt Lancaster

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Burt Lancaster

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