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Jack Benny

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Jack Benny

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1. When was he born?

2. Where was he born?

3. What was his birth name?

4. He portrayed character roles, most notably, with what three characteristics?

5. What was his theme song?

6. What was his signature expression?

7. He grew up in what town?

8. What was the most famous gag on his radio show?

9. He made his feature film debut in what movie?

10. The Jack Benny Program ran on radio weekly for how many years?

11. Who played his female friend, his valet-chauffeur Rochester van Jones, and the boy tenor?

12. In 1937, Benny began his famous radio "feud" with what rival?

13. The television version of The Jack Benny Program ran for how many years?

14. Who starred with him in Charley's Aunt?

15. What Benny film was released two months after actress Carole Lombard was killed in an airplane crash?

16. What Warner Bros. "Merrie Melodie" cartoon short starred Benny and the regular cast of The Jack Benny Program as mice?

17. What brand of automobile did he supposedly drive?

18. Why is there a statue of Jack Benny in Rancho Cucamonga, California?

19. What actor's Oscar statuette did he famously borrow?

20. He was preparing to star in the film version of what Neil Simon play when his health failed in 1974?

21. What are the sports teams called at Jack Benny Middle School in Waukegan, Illinois?

22. What are the titles of his autobiography and of a 1976 biography by Irving Fein?

23. Please name his wife.

24. How many children did he have?

25. When did he pass away?

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Jack Benny

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Jack Benny

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