Meredy's Ralph Bellamy Trivia Answers

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1. June 17, 1904

2. Chicago, Illinois

3. Ralph Rexford Bellamy

4. 1929

5. The Secret Six

6. Inspector Trent

7. Ellery Queen

8. The Awful Truth

9. His Girl Friday

10. The Man Who Lived Twice

11. Carole Lombard

12. Col. Paul Montford, Chief Constable

13. Guest in the House

14. Man Against Crime

15. Sunrise at Campobello

16. Greer Garson

17. Rosemary's Baby

18. Trading Places

19. Actors' Equity

20. The Screen Actors Guild

21. When the Smoke Hit the Fan

22. 1986

23. Yes, four times - Alice Delbridge, Catherine Willard, Ethel Smith and Alice Murphy

24. Yes, two

25. November 29, 1991 in Santa Monica, California (lung ailment)

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Meredy's Ralph Bellamy Trivia Mania


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