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1. January 9, 1901

2. Nagydorog, Austria-Hungary (now Nagydorog, Hungary)

3. Vilma Koncsics

4. Im Letzten Augenblick

5. Samuel Goldwyn

6. The Dark Angel

7. Two - The Eagle and The Son of the Sheik

8. Five - The Dark Angel, The Winning of Barbara Worth, The Night of Love, The Magic Flame, and Two Lovers

9. Merle Oberon

10. Clarence Brown

11. Dubrovsky

12. Yasmin

13. Lenore J. Coffee

14. Konig Harlekin (King Harlequin)

15. The Lady from Paris

16. Ronald Colman and Gary Cooper

17. Leatherface

18. This Is Heaven

19. A Lady to Love

20. The Rebel

21. "The Hungarian Rhapsody"

22. More Than a Dream: Rediscovering the Life and Films of Vilma Banky

23. Rod La Rocque (June 26, 1927 - October 15, 1969) (his death)

24. None

25. March 18, 1991 in Los Angeles, California (cardiorespiratory arrest)

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