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Carroll Baker

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Carroll Baker

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1. When was she born?

2. Where was she born?

3. What was her birth name?

4. She worked as what kind of assistant?

5. She had a small part in what 1953 film?

6. Where did she study acting?

7. She was featured in what Broadway play?

8. Her first notable screen role was opposite what actor?

9. Elizabeth Taylor portrayed her what in Giant?

10. Who was older: Elizabeth Taylor or Carroll Baker?

11. Warner Brothers thought she might be the next what?

12. Who was her co-star in Baby Doll?

13. Who directed Baby Doll?

14. Has she ever been Oscar-nominated?

15. Has she ever been married?

16. Does she have children?

17. She portrayed Gregory Peck's girlfriend in what 1958 film?

18. Who was her co-star in But Not For Me?

19. Who directed Something Wild?

20. She played Debbie Reynolds' sister in what 1962 film?

21. She was part of an all-star cast in what 1964 Western?

22. She played a movie star in what 1964 George Peppard film?

23. She portrayed what platinum blonde star in 1965?

24. Though it may only be studio hype, in 1964 an African Masai chieftain was so fascinated by Baker that he offered what for her?

25. What was the title of her autobiography?

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Carroll Baker

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Carroll Baker

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