Meredy's Lew Ayres Trivia Answers

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1. December 28, 1908

2. Minneapolis, Minnesota

3. Lewis Ayer

4. 5 feet 9 inches

5. The Sophomore

6. Greta Garbo

7. Universal

8. Don't Bet on Love

9. The Leathernecks Have Landed

10. Hearts in Bondage

11. Holiday

12. MGM

13. Dr. Kildare

14. Lionel Barrymore

15. Laraine Day

16. Nine times

17. James Geoffrey Seymour

18. He was a conscientious objector.

19. Yes, bravely as a medical orderly.

20. The Dark Mirror

21. Johnny Belinda

22. Radio

23. Altars of the East and Altars of the World

24. Three times - Diana Hall, Ginger Rogers and Lola Lane

25. December 30, 1996

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