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Addams Family

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1. Who played Gomez?

2. Who played Morticia?

3. What was Morticia's maiden name?

4. What were the children's names?

5. What was the butler's name?

6. Who played Grandmama?

7. Who was Carolyn Jones married to at the time the Addams Family was produced?

8. Who was John Astin's famous former wife?

9. Who was Blossom Rock's real-life sister?

10. Who played Uncle Fester?

11. What year did the show premiere?

12. What network aired the show?

13. What was the name of Morticia's man-eating plant?

14. What is the name of the disembodied hand?

15. The disembodied hand had a girlfriend. What was her name?

16. On the wall in the Addams family mansion hangs a swordfish with what sticking out of its mouth?

17. Who played Morticia's mother?

18. How many years did the show run?

19. Who played Wednesday?

20. Who played Pugsley?

21. What kind of creature was KittyCat?

22. Wednesday liked to collect what kind of creature?

23. Wednesday had a headless doll named what?

24. What phrase did Lurch always say?

25. What language excited Gomez?

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Addams Family

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Addams Family

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